In a world that demands attention, it takes conviction and commitment to stand out. The brands that do, connect through stories and emotion. And when it comes to being unforgettable, standing for something means everything. From that place, anything’s possible.

Our wheelhouse.

Boldly is a strategic branding agency that gets inside your head, so you stay inside your customers’. Here’s how we give your brand an unfair advantage...

We do three things that give brands substance.



We design your irresistible offer to the market in a way that resonates with your ideal customer and stands out from your competitors.


We design brand systems to provide clarity in the marketplace, helping customers understand your business in the way you want them to.


We help your customers discover your business in all the right places, introducing your brand’s unique story and value with clarity and class.


We help you focus your branding efforts, identifying opportunities for growth, helping you overcome challenges that have been holding back your brand.



We create visual identities through a distinct collection of unified, consistent and flexible brand assets, effectively communicating your brand's purpose and value.


 We build out a compelling narrative and establish a brand voice to consistently communicate to your audience in a way that builds trust and connection.


We design packaging that reinforces your brand’s identity and tells its story to make strong first impressions and a point of difference in a competitive market.


Through purpose, simplicity, and navigation, we build intuitive websites with highly functional user experiences that are accessible and responsive.



From websites to social media, we activate your brand with authenticity while meeting customers in the online places where they do their research and make decisions. 


From signage to collateral, we help set the tone for a long-lasting relationship with potential customers with brand interactions that capture your audience’s attention.


Whether it’s building or rebuilding your image, or creating awareness in the mind of your audience, we seize opportunities to make you the go-to product or service in your market.


From EDMs to blogging, we generate value-adding content that informs, entertains, and inspires your audience, keeping you top of mind when it comes time to purchase.

Proudly one of the 1% of creative agencies
founded by women.

Fuelled by humans and inspired by stories, we're a diverse, close-knit team with big ideas. And even bigger vision. Here at Boldly, collaboration is critical to producing highly strategic and creative outcomes.

Emma (Founder)

Creative Director

A born storyteller, Emma focuses on building emotional connections between brands and people. As Managing & Creative Director she leads a team of global talent in her mission to humanise brands and create engaging and memorable brand experiences.

Consumer Psychology

Brand Strategy

Storytelling & Narrative

Campaign Ideation

Experiential Marketing


Strategy Director

A quick-thinking strategist with 10+ years experience across Business Strategy, Operations, Marketing and Branding, Anelise thoughtfully designs holistic, commercially-creative brand strategies that build meaningful connections between brands and their customers.

StartUp Incubation

Ecosystem Analysis

Market Positioning

Venture Launch

Brand Management


Art Director

With an imagination that knows no boundaries, Pedro dreams up and drives out big creative concepts that truly differentiate brands in the market. Marrying a love of technology and an acute eye for design, Pedro brings brands to life in the most extraordinary ways.

Brand Identity

Industrial Design

UI/UX Design

3D & Animation

Interactive Design

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