Whose (tag)line is it anyway?


How to make sure no one ever needs to ask that about your brand.

Have you ever seen an online ad and had no idea what was being sold? Or spotted a tagline in an email longer than the body of the email itself? Yep, us too. If you’re not careful, your brand can fall into the same trap. It’s great to be talked about, but in the world of branding, not for the wrong reasons.

So, what should your brand tagline be saying? And how do you know when you’ve nailed it?

Well, an effective tagline helps highlight your company’s brand to the public. And the most important aspect of a tagline is brand association.

Tagline or slogan? Setting the record straight.

We’re going to back the definition truck up here for a moment for the uninitiated. What do we mean when we say the word tagline? We know, the lines can be blurry on this one.

A tagline is a short phrase that states and represents a company’s overall purpose.

Think Maccas, “I’m lovin it.” Now you may not be lovin it, but at least you know it’s Maccas.

And a slogan? Well a slogan is like the little offspring of the main brand tagline. You know it’s probably related, and is a short phrase that only applies to a single part of a business or a specific campaign. Unfortunately many use the terms interchangeably, but as you can now see, each serves a different purpose.

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What should your tagline communicate?

Think of your online presence like any other entity. You create products you hope people will buy so you can bring in the dollars and continue to sell your knowledge. A great tagline allows you to extend your first impression beyond your logo.

A tagline should always communicate the essential benefits of the business. Customers want to get their hands on products and services that will benefit their lives. They want something useful that’ll improve whatever circumstance they might be going through.

With that in mind, check in with your audience – because customers are most likely to purchase from a company that will boost their day-to-day. Know what your audiences want, and your brand will most likely be remembered. Study their online conversations to ensure that the message you are trying to deliver to them will create a lasting impact. A tagline might also lay it down as to why your products and services should be consumed. Why are your company’s products better than those of your competitors? What makes them so unique?

If you’re able to create a tagline audiences can name-drop, then consider yourself in

business. If you’re leaving people more confused than when they first heard of you, then go back to the drawing board with the following tips in your back pocket.

5 quick-fire tips for crafting a banging tagline.

  • 1. Keep it simple

Have you ever heard of the less is more approach? Now would be as good a time as any to use it! Most successful taglines are only 3-6 words long and get the point across without much thought.

  • 2. Give it meaning

A tagline shouldn’t be made just because you saw some famous companies have one. If you’re going to invest the mental energy and marketing dollars to craft a catchphrase, it must bring meaning to your brand. If not, press the skip button.

  • 3. Clarity is key

A tagline shouldn’t inspire a game of charades, there should be no question as to what your tagline means. It should tie into the brand narrative and clearly represent the mission or purpose of your company, minus the guesswork.

  • 4. Focus on the benefits

Customers care about benefits, not features. That goes for your tagline as well. It should tell your audience the main benefit of your brand or product without rattling off the latest features. Features come and go, benefits are forever.

  • 5. Tell a story

Storytelling is a huge part of marketing and business. The stronger and more compelling your story is, the easier it is to get customers to buy in. If your tagline tells a story, it can become the focal point of your brand and marketing.

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