Why hiring a branding agency might just be your next best move.


Don’t remember the brand that didn’t hire a branding agency? You’re not alone.

We get it. Running a business can be demanding, and when you’re juggling ‘working in your business’ vs ‘working on your business’, you might think it’s one of those things that’ll take care of itself. But branding isn’t a self-watering plant. Like most things, the more you invest in it, the more results you’ll see. That’s where we come in, the branding agency.

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What’s in it for you?

All the marketing in the world might get people to your party, but it’s unforgettable branding that’ll have them sticking around. The right branding agency can deliver on this, pulling from an extensive network of strategic and creative partners to get your business name up in lights, and keep it there.

Here’s 7 quick-fire benefits of using a branding agency to get customers picking up what you’re putting down:

  • 1 – Access cross-industry experience

When you hire a branding agency, (like us), you get hands-on experience and cross-industry branding smarts. A broader perspective means an understanding of how branding works best, no matter your niche. Having kicked goals in many industries, these agencies know what works best and what doesn’t for any sector.

  • 2 – Be remembered by customers

More than a name, image, or logo, a brand should have its own unique identity to set it apart from the competition. Think of all the brands you remember at the drop of a hat. Behind most is a branding agency that did it’s homework. They have a healthy dose of personality and relatability. A brand might look a million dollars, but if it opens its mouth and customers tune out, it’s already lost.

  • 3 – Emotionally connect with customers

In any customer purchasing decision, chances are there were some emotions behind it. A Harvard study showed 95% of customer purchases are influenced by emotions. Any branding agency worth its salt uses this kind of knowledge to craft a brand identity and narrative that triggers the right emotions. Your brand values, social ethics, and work culture also come into play, building an emotional connection with your customers. It’s why a great branding agency will give you clarity on who you are, what you do, and who it matters to.

  • 4 – Stand out from the competition

It’s better to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. We can’t remember exactly who said this, but they were onto something. The essence of branding is in standing out from the crowd in a sea of sameness. Customers become invested in brands and loyal to the ones they recognise and love. By hiring a branding agency, you’re one step closer to flamingo status.

“Your most dangerous competitors are those that are most like you.”

Bruce Henderson

  • 5 – Focused creativity

When you team up with a branding agency dedicated to leveling-up your business image, you’re more likely to avoid a fishbowl of ideas. You’ll get the benefit of strategic, creative and experienced minds collaborating with you. The right agency will have brand strategists, designers, writers, illustrators, and other craftspeople to naturally imagine bolder and more compelling ideas.

  • 6 – Drives consistency

Now we’re not saying that branding is copy and paste. Far from it. But being consistent is one of the keys to building trust with customers. A branding agency will know how to guide you on who to speak to, how to speak to them, and when. Being consistent with your name, strategy, the tone of voice, social media, website, colour schemes, logo and everything else, is what builds recognition.

  • 7 – Grow your business

You don’t need a McKinsey study to tell you strong brands do better than others, but if you did, it’d tell you they outperform the others by as much as 20%. A strong brand presence and brand equity will always perform better, and have an easier time adapting to emerging market trends. Continually enhancing the customer perception of your brand is a train you want to get on board.

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Now that you’re clearer on some of the benefits of hiring a branding agency, you might be asking yourself, so Why Boldly?  Well, this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve partnered with many other good humans to create epic brands that stick in the hearts and minds of the right people.

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